(as approved by General Body on 16-Jun-1997)
The Institution of Engineers (India),
8, Gokhale Road, Kolkata, India 700 020

The Council of The Institutions of Engineers (India) sanctioned the establishment of an overseas chapter in Kuwait, in November 1995, for the benefit of its corporate and non-corporate members residing in Kuwait and practicing Engineering as a profession.

The jurisdiction of the Chapter will be confined to the State of Kuwait and shall operate under the sponsorship of the Embassy of India in Kuwait, under the patronage of HE the Ambassador of India to Kuwait.

Unless otherwise stated or the context so requires, the expressions in these Bye-Laws shall have the same meaning as in the Bye-Laws & Regulations of the Council of the Institution of Engineers (India).

Words importing males shall include females and words include females and words implying singular shall include plural and vice versa and words importing individual person or persons shall include body or bodies corporate. Furthermore,

  • “Institution” Shall mean the Institution of Engineers (India), incorporatedby Royal Charter dated 9th September 1935, having its headquarters at 8, Gokhale Road, Calcutta, India 700 020.
  • “ Council” shall mean the Council of the Institution.
  • “President” shall mean the President of the Council.
  • “Member” shall mean a current corporate or non-corporate member of the Institution, duly registered with the Chapter.
  • “Sponsor” shall mean the Embassy of India, Kuwait.
  • “Patron” shall mean the Ambassador of India to Kuwait.
  • “Chapter” shall mean the Kuwait Chapter of the Institution, established in November 1995, by the sanction of the Council of Institution.
  • “ Bye-Laws” shall mean the Bye-Laws and Regulations of the Chapter, as approved by its General body and subsequent amendments. The Bye-Laws and Regulations of the Institution of Engineers (India) shall be deemed to apply to the chapter; except those which are irrelevant by reasons of the location of the Chapter and associated legal implications or those which are modified in these Bye-Laws and Regulations.
  • “General Body” shall mean as assembly of members of the Chapter, convened in accordance with the Bye- Laws of the chapter.
  • “Committee” Shall mean as assembly of Members of the Chapter, duly elected by the General Body and/ or its meeting(s) with the stipulated chorum.
  • “Chairman” shall mean the Chairman of the Executive Committee.
  • “Secretary” shall mean the Secretary of the Executive Committee.
  • “Treasurer” shall mean the Treasure of the Executive Committee.
  • “Committee member” shall mean any member of the Executive Committee.
  • “Sub-Committee” shall mean any members of the Executive Committee.
  • “Year” shall mean the current financial year commencing from the first day of April of every year and ending on the last day of March of the following year.

Aim and objectives of the Chapter are to promote the general advancement of engineering and to facilitate exchange of information / opinions / ideas in engineering amongst members attached to and associated with the Chapter, in compliance with the Bye-laws and laws of the state of Kuwait, limited to the stated objectives; and for that purpose.

  • Promote co-operation and interaction amongst the Members and between the Chapter and the Institution.
  • Provide a platform for the Members to meet and exchange views on technical professional matters.
  • Boost the image of the Chapter as well as the Institution and the morale of the Members.
  • Promote technical education and professional advancement of members and to strive towards the elevation of the Chapter to a “Centre” and facilities training and conduct of examinations leading to membership of the Institution.
  • To collect, publish and or purvey information pertaining to technical education in India, to members and or the general public.
  • Conduct seminars covering various disciplines and publish News Letters and Technical Bulletins.
  • To assist Members in locating and obtaining information pertaining to technical / contractual matters on a professional level.
  • To established a fraternity amongst the Members and establish schemes / traditions concerning assistance to members and to organize social and cultural activities.
  • Current, corporate or non-corporate members of the Institution, residing in and practicing the profession of engineering in the State of Kuwait shall be eligible for membership of the Chapter. The membership shall be effected only after completion of the necessary formalities.
  • Copies of relevant documents such as membership certificates may be requested by the Committee; for the purpose of the Chapter records. The Committee shall have the right to deny admission to any person who does not furnish such proof, on demand.
  • The Chapter shall facilitate the admission of eligible candidates to corporate / non-corporate membership of the Institutions; by obtaining and furnishing application forms, attestation and recommendation, and forwarding applications to the Institution; all on a voluntary basis. All such application shall be accompanied by fees for life membership in respective categories.
  • Members of the Chapter shall constitute the “General Body”, which shall convene a minimum of once in an year, during the month of March every year, for the Annual Reports and Elections as stated in 8.04
  • General Body meeting(s) may be convened on a resolution of the Committee, to resolve matters requiring urgent disposal, any time during the year.
  • members(s) may request a meeting of the General Body, by a written request of a minimum of one quarter (1/4) of the registered membership to the Chairman, along with the proposed agenda. Such General Body meetings shall be conducted within one (1) month of the date of the request and the Committee shall be present in such general Body meeting(s).
  • Attendance of one quarter (1/4) of the registered membership shall be considered as sufficient chorum for the proceedings of the annual General Body.
  • Decisions in respect of changes or amendments to Bye-Las, shall be resolved by a two third (2/3) majority of the attendees.
  • Information about General Body Meetings purveyed by any of (a) News Letters (b) telephonic message (c) faxes or (d) email be deemed as appropriate.
    • Chairman:

      A Fellow with evinced leadership qualities, occupying a venerable position in the engineering community. In case of the non-availability of an FIE for this position, a MIE may be considered, on general consensus. The persons must have at least served one in the Executive Committee.

      The Chairman shall be the sole signatory for all communications of the Chapter to individuals / bodies outside the Chapter. The outgoing chairman shall remain in the ensuing Committee as “ex-Officio” member and shall officiate the position of the Chairman, as and when required.

    • Secretary :

      A corporate or non-corporate Member with manifested organizational abilities. The persons must have at least served one in the Executive Committee.

      The Secretary shall be responsible for the day-to-day affairs of the Chapter, shall be the custodian of the Chapter records and sole signatory for all communications of the Chapter to the Members and expense vouchers. The outgoing Secretary shall remain in the ensuing Committee as “Ex-Officio”.

      The Secretary shall officiate the position of Treasurer, and vise versa, as an when required.

    • Treasurer :

      A corporate or non-corporate Members with financial management capabilities. The persons must have at least served one in the Executive Committee.

      The treasurer shall be responsible for handling the chapter finances, budgeting and custody and maintenance of the books of accounts, assets and liabilities of the Chapter.

    • Members :

      Nine (9) corporate or non-corpoarte Members, generally assigned with responsibilities for the following:

      • Public Relations
      • Technical Seminars
      • Liaison
      • Education
      • Organisation
      • Recreation
      • Benefit Schemes
      • Date Base
    • Ex-officio members :

      There shall be three (3) ex-officio members, as hereunder;

      • A staff of the Embassy of India, nominated by the Patron.
      • The chairman of the previous year.
      • The Secretary of the previous year.
  • Redundancy of Committee Membership:

    Absence of any Committee Member (sponsor’s nominee excluded) in three consecutive Committees will empower the Committee to remove the member from the Committee.

  • Maximum Term for an Individual :

    The maximum term for each of the position of the Chairman, General Secretary and Treasurer shall be 2 years for an individual in the same position irrespective of number of years served as executive committee member.

  • Vacancies and Co-option :

    • In case of vacancy arising to the position of Chairman, Ex-Officio Chairman shall officiate for the same till the new Chairman is elected.
    • In case of vacancy arising to the post of general secretary, then the Trasurer shall take over as General Secretary till the election takes place.
    • In case of vacancy arising to the post of Treasurer, the E/C shall nominate one of the E/C members who has already served atleast one year as E/C member. In the absence of non availability of such member the General Secretary shall assume the responsibility as Treasurer till Election takes place.
    • In case of resignation by any elected E/C member without completing one full term he shall be barred for reelection for a period of Three years for any of the E/C position.
  • Sub-Committees :

    The Committee may co-opt and delegate its powers to sub-Committees for task arising out of resolution of the Committee / Institution. These sub-committees shall be chaired by a committee member.

  • Committee meetings :

    The Committee shall meet in a minimum of, but not limited to, six (6) times a year; as the business of the Chapter warrants. Attendance of nine (9) members during meetings, shall be considered as sufficient chorum for the conduct of the Committee proceedings.

  • The General Body may decide to collect as annual contribution from the members of the Chapter for financing its operations and or establish other schemes for the purpose; not contravening the laws of the state of Kuwait. Decisions at the General Body shall be final and binding on all the members attached to the Chapter.
  • The Executive Committee shall endeavour to confine the expenses of the Chapter within the budget projected at the Annual General Body; unless sources for additional finances are found.
  • Any and all commitments, outside of the budget; imposing financial burden or creating liability on the members / Chapter / Institution / sponsor etc. shall be done only with the approval of the general Body.
  • Technical Seminars :

    As many technical seminars shall be conducted by the chapter as possible; with an aim to serve the primary objectives OF THE Chapter.

  • Engineers’ Day :

    The birthday of Late Sir C. Visveswarayya, doyen of Engineering Profession in India, shall be celebrated as “Engineers Day” by the chapter; in agreement with the resolution of the Institutions, on a convenient day, during the month of September each year

  • Family Day :

    A Family get together shall be arranged on a convenient day during December / January, each year.

  • General Body :

    Annual General Body shall be convened during the month of March every year. The agenda shall include;

    • Secretaries Report on chapter activities.

    • Vote on Accounts: The outgoing Treasurer shall present the following and obtain approval of the General Body, prior on handing over.

      • Accounts of the current year, and

      • Budget for the coming year.

    • Elections to the Executive Committee: Conducted for each of the positions in the Committee by nominations, secondment and support by one Member each, in the General Body.

      Voting shall be considered only if more than one nomination is received for a position; and shall be by secret ballots.

    • Handing over of Chapter Records and Assets by the outgoing Committee to the new Committee shall be carried out within 10 days of the election of the new committee.

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